Innocent Steps Korean [w/ English Sub]

Very Lovely,Sad, Romantic,Comedy,drama Movie..Simply the best!

Moon Geun-Young, star of the hit romantic comedy My Little Bride, takes the lead role in Innocent Steps, romantic comedy from director Park Young-Hun. The teen idol plays Jang Chae-Ryn, an ethnic Korean living in China, who finds herself to be a complete fish out of water after being transplanted abroad to South Korea. When her sister bows out of a dummy marriage to a champion dance instructor, Chae-Ryn decides to travel to Seoul herself and impersonate her sister. Once in South Korea, she meets Na Young-Sae (Park Geon-Hyeong), who has agreed to the sham marriage for the sole purpose of locating a new dance partner. It seems he's looking to replace the one he lost to his rival, the dastardly Jeong Hyeon-Su (Yoon Chan). But when Chae-Ryn's secret and her lack of dancing experience is revealed, Young-Sae wants to send his new bride back. Eventually, however, he has second thoughts and decides that his only hope is to train this wide-eyed novice himself. Of course, the practices start off as purely professional, but as Chae-Ryn begins to dedicate herself to the art of dancing, a connection between the newlyweds begins to take shape. Chae-Ryn's youthful exuberance and folksy way of speaking eventually charms Young-Sae's hardened heart. A subplot follows two immigration officers who seek to expose the couple's secret, but eventually end up rooting for the two to stay together.

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