Caregiver by Sharon Cuneta [Showing Starts Last May 28,2008]click here 2 watch]

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A film directed by none other than Chito S. Roño, starred by the Box Office Queen Ms. Sharon Cuneta, brought to us by the leading movie outfit Star Cinema, got an “A” rating. This rating was awarded unanimously by the 12 members of the Cinema Evaluations Board to Caregiver, the first in Philippine movie history.

With all the talents and excellent rating involved in this movie, we can only expect for the best.

Ms. Sharon Cuneta successfully embraced the essence of a Filipina, a mother, a wife, an OFW, and a caregiver. Her performance presented us the reality of life and life abroad. How we as a nation is perceived by other raises, and how we as a nation can fight in the harshest of conditions. One of the songs in the movie “Saranggola sa Ulan”, is a perfect picture of how the Filipinos live and survive. The impossible becomes possible because we choose to take the first step and actually strive to do something.

Every Filipino can and will relate to this movie. Not just because of the OFW/Caregiver factor but also because of the woman, mother, and wife Susan is (Sharon’s role). This movie also showed how a Filipina has evolved into the woman that she is now, stronger, independent, and more loving.

CAREGIVER is one movie that you must see. The perfect combination of little comic releases in the lines of Susan, displaying a typical Pinoy attribute, and the heavy emotional scenes, will keep you wanting for more. You will find yourself crying all throughout the movie and interestingly smiling in tears as you applaud the intensity of Susan’s willingness to survive without losing her dignity.

CAREGIVER is a movie worth your time and money and worth your tears. A movie for the entire family, and a movie that will surely bag awards.

Once again, Ms. Sharon Cuneta has proven that her talent is better than ever and her star will shine forever.

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