HK writer earns criticisms over anti-RP column [Chip Tsao]

click the photo to read his very degrading opinion regarding Filipina!

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Other issue that Chip Tsao made for Filipina, about hiring Filipina nurse!
Politically Incorrect with Chip Tsao - The Vintage Year

October 3rd, 2008

Inspired by the poisoned milk powder scandal, a friend of mine is planning to import a wet nurse from the Philippines. His wife has just given birth to a baby, and he is, most justifiably, extremely worried about anything made in China.

My friend used to be a supporter of Donald Tsang, who often appealed to local couples to have at least three children shortly after he became the Chief Executive two years ago. Now like any patriot, he regrets it a bit, because nobody, including Tsang, could have foreseen a possible baby famine as a result of the global milk-powder scare.

But why from the Philippines? Why not recruit a wet nurse from China? I asked my friend who until recently had whole-heartedly loved his motherland. “No,” he explained, “How can you be sure that a Chinese wet nurse is not going to be fake, with something like a Bangkok ladyboy-style plastic bag filled with artificial milk made from poisoned powder?”

My friend has every reason to be skeptical. You must have read news reports of white puppies purchased in pet shops in Shenzhen that had turned black after Hong Kong consumers put them in a flea bath and accidentally washed away the white paint, discovering the animal’s true color. A friend of mine was a victim of this recently. He took the dog back the next day, but his demand for a refund was denied by the poker-faced pet shop owner, even after he insisted on the absurdity of the situation by pointing out that he named his originally white puppy “John McCain.” “But John McCain will lose,” the pet shop owner said. “I also saw the presidential debate on TV. What’s the difference between the two anyway?”

So allowing Hong Kong families to import Filipina wet nurses would be an innovation. And not only for babies. What else would be as impressive as a status symbol than when you are visiting a billionaire for lunch and you and dozens of other refined guests are offered a glass of fresh milk to toast everybody’s health, instead of a glass of Chateau Rotschild Lafitte? You would be told that the troop of in-house wet nurses all hail from remote villages in Luzon or Mindanao, instead of the polluted city of Manila, transported to Hong Kong only minutes after they gave birth to their babies, jetfresh, to guarantee the best vintage. So, loosen whatever restrictions and bring them in, Sir Donald—just a thought for your policy speech as I look forward to the milk-tasting party hosted by my friend, whom I warned it would be better for legal reasons, if his wife, the madam—instead of himself, the sir—supervises the job on the spot.
from HK online

But it wasnt the first time he insulted us, thanks to Ms.Connie Veneracion of House on a Hill for her article. Let me tell you this, Im here working in Israel now, and Im working as a caregiver for a living. I clean my savta's house [my old woman that I work w/],I clean her house, cook food for her and for me, We are just 2 in the house, and she treat me like a daughter not a slave,but in my first day, she's also thinking that I was her slave, and I got mad and tell her and her family, Look, Im not a slave, treat me as human being and coz Filipino are working with their heart not just for money.Most people like to have a Filipino workers coz they know most Filipino are educated, trust worthy and hard working person. You cannot find any workers like Filipino who will work hard and making sure that their boss [employers] are satisfied. Filipino are not just a domestic helpers, there are also Filipino who had a high position in a big companies in Hongkong, or a great businessman/businesswomen in different parts of the world. Nobody has the right to insult Filipino for working as domestic , not even right to call us slave, We work hard to earn for a living but dont you know that Filipino are one of the most efficient workers in the world, engineers in middle east, architects, English teachers in Thailands or English tutors in China, what about Chinese her in Israel? If Filipino are slave in your eyes CHIP TSAO, come here in Israel to help your fellow Chinese countrymen, coz if you think We are slave, How would you call them,coz most of them are working here as prostitutes[women,so miserable,men are working in the farm like a camel in the middle of high temperature. You know what, We never insulted them, coz We know they're all like us who wanted to earn money for our family, to live, to survive, no matter how hard it is.We've been in other countries and its hard to have an employer like you, without heart for the workers.We work hard, we dont deserve your words, If Im your worker, I will leave you ASAP and for sure you cannot find another worker who's educated and hardworking as your worker now! Besides, its about SPRATLY ISLANDS not about Filipino workers, you shouldnt need to insult Filipino for giving your opinion about Spratly Island.

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sweetiedharl said...

All is can say for you Mr. Chip Tsao, God Bless you! May you will be lighted and may some compassion visits your heart. Let this light, lightens your thinking that as a human being, no matter how rich and powerful you think you are, you have no right to belittle and degrade people's life.

May you realize that if not for these Filipino "servants" that you have, maybe you could go and meet your meetings in such untidy manner 'cause maybe you weren't raised to know how to work and take care of yourself and your house, such lazy, pathetic one.

We may be, Filipinos needs to work for people like you to earn money and have a decent living like we want for our families, but we are proud to say that we are working because of the love in our hearts and not pride and egos as i can see in you.

God Bless you.