A Very Special Love[ Starring : John Lloyd and Sarah Geronimo]

PEP REVIEW: "A Very Special Love" raises the kilig meter in cinemas
by:Karen A. Pagsolingan

It's about a guy who has always wanted to be number one, even at the expense of the people around him and that one person who truly loves him.

It's about a young girl whose views about life and love are very optimistic. But when she finally encounters the harsh realities, she realizes the downside of her being idealistic.

It's about finding one's self, accepting the will of fate, and being brave enough to pursue happiness.

The movie is successful in making the people laugh, and even more successful in making them so kilig. Whether the viewer is single or in love or heartbroken, the movie will make him/her feel good. And please, take note of the lines—they might come in handy.

The movie has introduced several out of the box ideas—the post-it notes on the boss's cup of coffee, the now popular "sun dance," and of course, Miggy's super kilig way of winning back the heart of Laida.

There are a few lapses, like the distracting hairdo of Laida and the lighting effect during that "rainy" scene towards the end, but I will not make an issue out of them.

What's important is that the movie has erased my skepticism about Sarah's acting, her first team-up with John Lloyd, and even...love!

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Meow Opre said...

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