Lab KowTz II

Every second honey remembers u. Every minute, Honey misses u. Every hour honey cares 4 u. Because...Every day honey loves you

I admit i'll never be the best for you...I can never give you perfect care, i may not make you smile at times, but there's 1 thing i admit i could do...Be your honey till the end!!

Its worth smiling 2 have you, worth crying 2 lose you, worth my time 2 b with you..
And worth my life to love you.

Wonder what makes me miss you? your smiles, care, concerns..
.affection, warmth, love &..& everything..& evrytn as n evrytn..& evrytn as n evrytn abt u!

If goodbye will be the last word i have 2 say before i die, i won't let it be spoken.
I rather die than to say goodbye to someone i never want to give up even after death

It fascinates me how i got 2 know you, everything came together at the right time, right place & w/d right people. maybe the stars were lined up just right-who knows? I’m just glad i was there when you where

Did i tell you how much i love happy i am 2 be w/ you.. how badly i miss you.. how i look forward 2 see you.. how i wanted 2 be your girl? I hope w/out any words you know them... I love you very much

I asked god why im still here... He gave me no reason. I asked god why my life is like this... He gave me no reason. I asked god why i met you... He simply answered, "so everything would have a reason”

Last time my heart was broken i swore id never love again. I thought it was thru but when you walked into my life... Your eyes met mine... I knew you were worth loving... So i said, "okay, one last time!"

each tym i see u, i love u more and more, each tym im with u, i see wat dis is for, each tym i get hurt, i think its for u, and each tym we talk... i fall in love with u all over again...

When I met you, my whole world turned upside down. Every part of my life seemed to be in its place because you were there. I woke up every morning smiling because it'll be another day with you. You gave a kind of happiness no one has ever given me. You were my life and my everything

loving you is different from loving anything else, i mightn't no where i stand and i mightn't no how you feel but loving you makes up for everything you haven't told me,

i did commit a lot of mistakes in my life. i had wrong decisions done. but one thing i know i made right is when i made you a part of me without regrets.

if given a chance to wish for only one thing, I'll never think twice to wish for you to be my last, because i know that i could never love anyone the way i'm loving you.

looking back on the months that had passed, i realized that all the sacrifices i've been through were all worthwhile....thanks for all the hurt because it helped our relationship grow stronger.

death scares the hell out of me. i don't want to die knowing that you’ll cry over me. But if death means watching over you, being with you.. I might as well take my life just 4 U...

no one taught the fish to swim nor the fox to run….no one taught me how to love you

If love can be avoided simply by closing my eyes...I wouldn't blink at all for i don't want to let second pass having fallen out of love with you...

The more I am with you, the more I feel our love grow. But when I am away from you, I grow to love you even more. I am stronger because of you, blessed to be with you, and lost without you. You are my every dream come true.

I've never known this could happen. The day you came into my life, everything changed. Why you picked me is still a miracle. Not only did God bring you to me, But he also brought me to you. Thank you for making me feel so "special".

If we will be together again I'd rather be your friend coz I know you will not be sad and cry If I leave you and say goodbye coz I just love you too much that I wouldn't want too see you in pain and in sorrow.

if i could ask god one thing it would be "are you destined for me?" if he says yes, then i would continue to love you even more! but if he say no, still i would continue to love you, till i make him see that loving you at my best is enough to say we’re meant to be..

all i wanted to have is u coz loving you best is all i know, you’re the first and last in my heart...just give me a chance to prove it true & wise.(",)

each of us is a star that shines with the rest, sometimes we twinkle alone..but when you feel like you're about to loose your own sparkle, i'm here to share my glow..

you see, I’m not an angel, thou i wanted to be, i've hurt so many people just for being me, but "you" a stranger, who pass by me, made an ANGEL in my heart that no one could see...(",)

If in time you get down and when you look behind and never see me there, don't think i abandoned you...i was in front of you clearing the way from the people who will try to hurt you...c",)

We don't lose special people as long as we hold them in our hearts. I hope you'll always hold me in your heart, just the way I'm holding you in mine.. love you always

Sometimes I act weird, sometimes I act strange, sometimes I act stupid, sometimes I'm a jerk...but one thing you don't realize, this asshole you're talking to, is ready to die for you.

We often ask for guardian angels but what's funny is that we never feel them and we never thought that they are there. How can that person forget that her angel is just there beside her whispering, "I'M ALWAYS HERE."

I learned to day that I should never take people for granted and love them while they are still here. So before I miss the opportunity to tell those close to my heart how special they are, I just wanna say I love you!

If a smile came to you today, a happy smile that perhaps you can’t explain, it’s because in that exact moment, I was thinking of you and smiling, too.

So often I catch myself thinking of the special times I spent with you, maybe I’m a little lonely but being far from you gives me a beautiful chance to realize how much YOU mean to me...

It’s enough for me that I have ¼ of your time, ¼ of you care, ¼ of your love and ¼ of you life and I’ll never ask for more because those were enough to make me whole.

I was sent by GOD to watch over you but I fell and broke my wings. You helped me up. Now I’m your angel with broken wings...unable to leave your side for I have fallen for you.

I wish I could tell you what’s in my heart today but there are just some feelings much too deep for words to say and I can never find the words no matter what I say how much it means to me to have you.

A million things I’ve asked the Lord, he gave me you instead. Now I know why He gave me you -- you are worth the million things I wished for and even so much more.

I just can't stop the feeling I have inside... keeps on bothering me and I just can't hide. I just want you to know at this very moment...would you be my girl to be with forever?

I admit that you came so sudden in my life that I never thought I would be feeling this way for you but you're not just a part of my life now... you are one of the most special here in my heart.

Ask me to stop talking to you, I’ll tell you, “only if I can.” Ask me to forget you and to find someone else, I’ll tell you, “only if there’s someone just like you.” But if you ask me to stop loving you, sorry, because I’ll tell you: “That I’ll never do.”

Will you let me love you? No? Okay then, but will you let me care for you? Not still? Fine, but will you let me just think of you? Not even? Say no all you want, whatever you say, deep inside I will. Üüü

I can't compete with others just to have you completely because I have nothing to impress you for and to make you stay here beside me. All I have is my everlasting love that leads me to do anything to make you happy...

My heart is like a basketball, you see, many people tried shooting it but only few scored a point...wanna try a foul shot? nah!! no need, you already won the game!

There's a story behind every relationship, each relationship we make is a start of each story. Our story had a wonderful beginning. Hope this story won't end as time goes by.

Tell me if you have someone else so I can stop dreaming of you. Tell me that you don't like me so I can stop crying for you. But if you don't tell me anything, then I''ll just be here loving you.

In our relationship, there will be times when I won't understand you at all and not see things the way you want me to. But no matter what happens, you will always be the one who made me a better me.

I may have fallen in love so many times already, but I haven't felt exactly what I'm feeling right now. Maybe because you've been the right person to love and you've been too right to let me fall in love with you.

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