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Real Wolf Kids

Thailand's Supatra and friends (DCL)

Supatra ‘Nat’ Sasuphan behaves much like any other little girl; she enjoys eating ice-cream, swimming, cheerleading and going to school. But in other ways she is literally one in a billion, being one of only about 50 documented cases since 1638, born with thick 5cm long animal-like fur covering her head and parts of her body. Nat was born with congenital hypertrichosis, otherwise known as ‘werewolf syndrome’. 

Coming from a family committed to Buddhist values, Nat and family see no reason to hide her away but leaving the comfort of familiar surroundings, Nat is always accompanied by a throng of gawping strangers and cruel name calling. As Nat heads towards puberty, her family are growing increasingly desperate for a treatment to control the unbelievable hair growth and to give their daughter a ‘normal life’.

But there are no easy options. In India, 11-year-old Prithviraj Patil, also afflicted by uncontrollable hair growth, is undergoing painful laser treatment but his hair keeps growing back all over his face and body. Now both children’s families are pinning their hopes on Professor Angela Christiano, and her research in genetic science, for help in finding a cure. 

Can the search for a cure for baldness help these children to lose their hair and be normal? Will they grow up in a society that excludes them or can help be found before they are old enough to realise just how different they are?

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