Twitter Love Quotes, etc

Loving you is like a sunset. So beautiful, but I can't reach it. -@HeartsShelter

If missing you counted by money, I could be ɑ billionaire right now.

Just because I don't cry, doesn't mean I'm okay. -@AceQuotes

When things do not go as planned we have two choices: Become frustrated. Become motivated. -@EternalQuotes

RIGHT or WRONG you have got to keep going STRONG! You have got to rise up. YOU HAVE GOT TO RISE UP

The most important thing in life is how we can give something precious and meaning in people's life. - @LearnToBeAlone #DRT

The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think. - @SuperbTweets #DRT

Understanding is deeper than knowledge.There are many people who knows u.But very few may understand u - @iTwitQuotes_#DRT

Dear God, I don't ask You to make my life easier. But I ask you to give me strength to face all my trouble. Amen. 

You touched my heart with a thousand pleasures and broke it into million pieces. #DRT

Fall in love with someone who deserves your heart. Not someone who plays with it. #DRT

Make the sun as ur motivation during the day & the moon at night. So u will always be motivated all day long


Hindi sms said...

Lovely quote!
Every moment I spent with you,
Is every one of my dreams coming true,
More than words, I want to show you how I feel,
Someday, some place, sometime, I will.

Shopping forum said...

If I place love above everything, it is because for me it is the most desperate, the most despairing state of affairs imaginable.
Andre Breton

Thank you!!

Jha said...

Thank you guys for visiting my blog. :-)