When in Rome (2010)

    I'm watching this .romantic movie,funny, crazy,weird, yet somehow its true ...laughing It's kinda cute , well it's absolutely for a woman weirdo wishes to have a perfect partner, a lover & getting frustrated not to find that guy! tonguelaughing How I wish "love" would be a simple magic just like this movie!... and yeah, it only happened mostly on Movies..happy and yet we still believe and hoping to find the "right one"...that's the real magic of "love"..winking
I love what Beth's Dad told her : - You cannot learn from my mistakes, you have to go out there and make your own;  Now you could get your heart broken or you could have the greatest love affair theworld has ever known, but you're not going to know unless you try... to make your own..
(Beth): How would you know you're not gonna get hurt?
(Beth's Dad): Passion is taking a risk!

            Beth is a hard working career woman whose last relationship says that she puts her work above him so he left her. When he tells her he found another career woman and is willing to stick it out with her and is engaged to her. Beth feels that there is no one for her. And when she goes to Rome to attend her sister's impromptu wedding and after meeting the best man, Nick she's attracted to him but after seeing him with another woman, she gets drunk and goes into the famed Fountain of Love and takes some coins thrown by people looking for love. When she goes back to New York four men start coming onto her. And Nick keeps calling her asking her out. She later learns that what she did--is a no no. It seems legend says that if you take a coins out of the fountain the person who threw it will fall in love with who took the coin. So she has to find a way to break the curse. And she wonders if Nick whom she likes is with her cause he wants to or is he under the spell.
Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com

Directed by
Mark Steven Johnson
Writing credits
David Diamond(written by) &
David Weissman(written by)
Cast (in credits order)


Nathania said...

Thank you! I couldn't find Beth's dad quote anywhere :O So thank you :)

Jha said...

You're very much welcome my dear! I love Beth's Words of Wisdom too..