Reality of Love-Life


     We usually say; If you really love him/her you'll be contented enough. Love is blind. Might be Yes for those madly ,deeply, crazy in love. No nor Yes  if you can still hold your head over your emotions. Why?... Try to go & buy some foods for your kids, pay your bills just saying " I'm In Love" would they accept it for your foods and bills? :)) When you're hungry w/o food can you get some foods in a fast food by saying " I love that guy"..??  I didn't say we have to be rich but at least we should still know how to balance our life. Stupid questions? not really coz some how it makes sense in our life.;) <3 It's like praying to GOD to make your life better yet we're doing nothing to make it easier, then what's the point. Happiness is a matter of choice, we can choose our decisions but be reminded we have to be ready for the consequences. Don't just give up your dreams for a certain things that might not be at least 50% sure of possibilities. Ask God's guidance to lead your way. <3

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