(Danamon Go Green, Danamon Peduli Foundation)NOTHING WASTED - RUNNER UP INDONESIA

Danamon Go Green, Danamon Peduli Foundation

The traditional markets of Indonesia are getting a face-lift, and the organic fertiliser they now produce is giving farming in the area huge boost.

“The programme is very simple and easy – it uses simple technology, the raw material is here, available in the market, so it’s very cost-effective” Risa Bhinekawati, Danamon Go Green

Indonesia’s traditional markets are bustling and dirty, just as full of raw waste and rats as they are of store-holders and food. But the thousands of tonnes of waste generated in the markets contains nearly 90% vegetable materials and now, thanks to Danamon ‘Go Green’, they are being cleaned up and the waste turned into an organic fertiliser that is boosting local yields by over 30%. Not only do the local farmers benefit, but the levels of disease from spoiled produce are down and, most importantly, the markets are getting a long-awaited facelift.

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