Korean Insulted a Filipino

It's been twice that Korean insulted Filipino's, 1st was after Ondoy typhoon when they call Filipinos as MONKEY, saying it's good for Monkey to have that Ondoy so they can all die! I'm always gonna be a PROUD FILIPINO anywhere I go!!!! And for this KOREAN ACTRESS who insulted my countrymen, SHAME ON YOU coz for all I know a lot of KOREANS are keep coming to my beloved country PHILIPPINES just to LEARN ENGLISH!!! And We have a lot of Filipino ENGLISH Teachers working in Korea, teaching English to your fellow Koreans. So how was that, think about it huh!?...Whatever accent we have, AT LEAST We know & We understand English much more than KOREANS & even compare to other Asian Countries!! I am very sure of that! Besides Filipinos are very intelligent & Talented! In our country we just don't speak ,Filipino Language & English, We know also Spanish, some part like our Muslim bro/sister of course Arabic, Filipino Chinese, so obviously the accent are mixed up!

 Ang HIHILIG kc Sambahin ang ibang lahi!!!

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